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                  Rice Seeder
                  Avail from us rice seeder of your choice. We have in store direct rice seeder, 8 row plastic rice seeder, wetland manual operating seeding machine, rice drum seeder are more. Buy any of this machine to sow rice seeds uniformly into the wetland fields.
                  Cono Weeder
                  We are a reliable provider of cono weeder and cono weeder components. This machine can be used in paddy fields for unrooting weeds. Weeding process is important to be carried out four times after sowing.
                  Rice Planter
                  From wetland rice planter, hand operated manual rice planter to 4 drum manual rice planter, get all kinds of rice planters to meet your farming requirements. This manual machine is useful in planting rice seedlings into paddy lands.
                  Seed Sowing Machine
                  We can make you available seed sowing machines, such as manual seed sowing machine, hand operated seed sowing machine, and 8 row seed sowing machine. You just have to manually pull this machine for sowing rice seeds.
                  Direct Paddy Seeder
                  Paddy drum seeder and paddy row seeder are few of the direct paddy seeders we can make you available. This light weight and convenient to use machine is used for sowing of paddy seeds and plants.
                  Drum Seeder
                  Buy from us 8 row drum seeder or 4 drum seeder for uniform sowing, while maintaining consistency in space and density. Customers can select the seeder based on their capacity requirement.
                  Wetland Seeder
                  Manual seeding in wetlands can be a tough job, it is better to buy a wetland seeder that is priced to suit budget of every farmer. Farmers just have to pull the seeder manually in wetland for uniform seed distribution.
                  Rice Seed Drill
                  Use rice seed drill for precise and accurate drill seeding of rice, When you will use this machine, you can be assured of precise plant-to-plant spacing and establishing of rice with a lower seed rate.
                  Hand Paddy Seeder
                  Use 8 row hand paddy seeder or plastic drum hand paddy seeder in your pre-germinated paddy seeds sowing operation in fields. This machine is cost-effective, which is why farmers can buy and use it for years.
                  Manual Seeder
                  Manual seeder is composed of four seed drums, main shaft, two ground wheels, furrow openers and a long handle. This equipment is used for direct seeding, which is done by sowing seeds directly in the field.
                  Rice Farming Machine
                  Rice farming can be time and energy consuming. In order to save both, it is time to adopt rice farming machine. This hand operated machine has seed drums designed for uniformly discharging of seeds.
                  Hand Operated Seeding Machine
                  Whether you call it paddy seeder, rice seeder, or row seeder, this hand operated seeding machine works to sow seeds in both, dry land and wet land. The best thing about this machine is that it doesn’t require any fuel or electricity for operation.
                  Row Seeder
                  We are specialists in fabricating 8 row rice seeder. The best thing about this machine is that it releases seeds, maintaining equal distance between rows. Just pull this light weight machine, the drums will rotate and distribute seeds in dry or wet land.
                  Drip Irrigation System
                  Under our drip irrigation system category, we cover drip irrigation kit and kitchen garden drip kit. Both simple to install kits are used for increasing productivity rate and reducing labor cost, while cultivating all kinds of crop.
                  Spray Irrigation Kit
                  Get this spray irrigation kit with 8 liter per hour discharge rate, 16 mm (5/8 inch) inner diameter, and 250 micron i.e. 10 mil wall thickness. With several drip holes, this kit is used mainly for closely spaced crops.
                  IRRI Drum Seeder
                  IRRI drum seeder can be yours at reasonable price. This machine composed of seed drum, main shaft, wheels, and handle can be used in wetlands for directly sowing seeds. Using this machine can be beneficial in peek season, especially when labor is not available.
                  Drip Accessories
                  We can make you available all drip accessories you are looking for. Drip lateral tape, drip tapes drip fittings connectors and take off connector are few accessories we manufacture and supply. These accessories are mainly made from PVDF and LDPE.