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FAQs & Testimonials
1. Direct Paddy Seeder
How is the yield?

Yield relies on numerous components, for example, seed quality, soil fruitfulness, water administration, weed administration, pest administration and so on.

Yield cannot be chosen just by the seeding machinery. However in the same given condition, when cono weeder is utilized no less than 3 times for like for min three days from the day of sowing, then yield would be no less than 10% higher than the ordinary yield.

What number of Seeders can be loaded in a truck?
1. Join three square shafts together.
2. Embed the wheel toward one side of the pole and fix the end with wing jolt.
3. Embed one seed drum at flip side of the pole.
4. Embed the white holder took after by two seed drums, white holder and wheel.
5. Fix the end of the pole with wing jolt.
6. Gather the handle.
7. Please see the photo of the seeder while assembling it properly.
How to prepare seed?
Soaking : Soak the seed in gunny pack in water for 24 hours.
Incubation : Keep the gunny pack with seed for 12 to 24 hours in wet condition.
Drying : Dry the seed in outdoors for couple of minutes, with the goal that whole water if uprooted. At that point stack the seed drum with pre sprouted paddy seed.
How to set up the field?
Field ought to be leveled superbly. There ought not to be any water at the season of sowing. Abundance water ought to be depleted out totally. In the event that there is water in the field while sowing, then seeds will buoy and line sowing will be aggravated.
Transplantation Vs Direct Seeding
More tillering in direct seeding than transplantation. Due to line sowing weeding with cono weeder is conceivable Strong stems in direct seeding
Shouldn't something be said about Maintenance and Spare Parts?
KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder is comprised of plastic materials. Consequently the ordinary existence of plastics is guaranteed for this seeder. It ought to be cleaned altogether and put away after use.
No Maintenance Required
No Spare Parts Required
No Service Required
Shouldn't something be said about Warranty/Guarantee?
No. There is no system included in the machine. Its essentially made up of plastic materials. There is a basic handle to pull along and there is a middle shaft to settle the seed drums. There is no guarantee/warranty.
What are the Main Advantages of Rice Seeder?
1) Labor expense of sowing is decreased definitely
2) Seed rate is decreased. Just 25 Kg for every hectare is required
3) Uniformity in seed sowing and plant populace
4) Crop develops 10 days prior
5) Light in weight. Easy to pull in wetland field
6) One individual can cover 1 hectare for every day
Will the Leg Impressions Create Problem?
No the leg impressions will be in the middle of two lines. This won't make any issue. There is no compelling reason to close the little miseries. At the season of first weeding with cono weeder this is evacuated.
2. Drip Tape
Is it conceivable to fold the drip tape?
Yes. Drip Tape can be folded effectively. At whatever point the field is to be arranged for the following harvest, the trickle tape can be collapsed and kept close to the fundamental line. After field readiness, it can be developed with no harm to the drip tape.
What is the release every hour?
Water release is around 10 liters for each hour.
What is the life of the drip tape?
Drip tape is 250 micron divider thickness. It is ensured against UV light. Life of the trickle tape is relied upon to be between 3 to 4 years.
What is the greatest length drip tape can be reached out from the primary line?
Drip tape can be augmented upto most extreme of 75 feet from the fundamental line. On the off chance that the length is more than this, then release variety will likewise be more.
3. Testimonials
We use drip tape fabricated by KSNM in our land for 10 years. JET flow of water is great and it helps us in irrigation and never get blocked.
Senbaga Irrigation System, Erode

I utilize KSNM Drip Tape for cauliflower and different vegetables. It is anything but difficult to introduce. I introduce the whole trickle watering system framework myself. Water streams constantly and watering system is done rapidly. Yield is great.
K Balakrishnan Senjerimalai, Sulur
We are utilizing KSNM dripping watering system items. We are glad. We buy consistently. Drip Tape, venturi, diverse sorts of lock connectors are exceptionally valuable for us.
OTR FarmsOTR Farm ProductsCoimbatore

We introduced KSNM Drip pack at our Latia focus close Nairobi, Kenya. We are amazed to see the sublime execution of the unit. Its extremely practical. 200 sqm region of trickle pack is introduced for capsicum vegetable. We get great yield with aggregate harvest estimation of 23000 KSh
MDLatia CentreNairobi
I introduced KSNM Drip unit at my home. It is awesome, and exceptionally easy to install. With all the accessible frill in the drip unit, anyone can introduce with no trouble.
MDReniassance Power ProductsCoimbatore

KSNM Drip tape is to our complete fulfillment. We give rehash orders.
FarmerVeerappakanundanur, Kinathukadavu, Coimbatore
We are a dealer for KSNM Drip Tape. Agriculturists are extremely fulfilled by this item. Verbal exchange is spreading and our business becomes persistently. This is conceivable simply because of good quality result of KSNM Drip Tape
DealerSenjerimalai, Sulur, Coimbatore

There is NO BLOCKAGE of gaps in KSNM Drip Tape. Its simple to crease and unravel the tape amid field arrangement for next harvest. Its accessible at right cost.
FarmerNachipalayam, Annur
I utilized KSNM drip tape. I was negative since I was utilizing oil pump to draw water from the well. In any case, once I utilized, I was shocked by its execution. I was much more fulfilled when I understood that the gaps never get blocked.

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